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Discover how to beat burnout and lead with resilience

Are you a leader in an international company, striving for peak performance, but recognizing the fist signs burnout in yourself or your teammates?

Join us for this empowering live webinar that will equip you with the tools to conquer burnout and lead with unwavering resilience.

Special Guest: Discover the experiences of Shane Borza – a coach with international certifications. If you’re looking for someone who can help you understand, counteract, and conquer professional burnout, and bring out your creative spark, Shane Borza is someone worth listening to.

2023/10/26 15:00:00

What You’ll Learn:

Understanding Burnout

Uncover the true nature of burnout and how it affects leaders like you.

Prevention Strategies

Discover powerful techniques to prevent burnout before it strikes.


Learn to identify the initial signs of burnout within yourself.

Team Dynamics

Recognize the subtle signs of burnout in your team and take proactive measures.


Explore practical methods to nurture your well-being.

Supporting Others

Understand how to support your team members and colleagues.

Proven Models

Gain insights into a proven model for effectively dealing with burnout.

Inspiring Stories

Hear from real leaders who've triumphed over burnout.


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